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Sacred Ground FAQs

What is Sacred Ground?

Sacred Ground is a new interactive website that allows Members to sponsor their own patch of Sacred Ground on the Club’s home turf. The stadium has been divided into 30,000 square foot patches, with 1,000 patches making up 30 major regions. Members will be able to discover the history of the regions, all of which are represented by a key Knights memory from the last 30 years. The innovative campaign invites a Member to claim a patch, discover the history associated with the patch and also add their memories of key moments.

How do I claim a patch?

Firstly, you will need to join as a 2017 Newcastle Knights Member. As a Knights Member you will be given login details for your MyKNIGHTS Account. You will then need to log in with these details at knightshub.com.au/sacredground. Simply click ‘Claim Patch’ and follow the prompts.

Do I have to be a Member to claim a patch?

Yes. Claiming a patch of Sacred Ground is a benefit exclusive to 2017 Members. You can join as a Member from $30 at knightshub.com.au.

I’m already a 2017 Member, do I have to add something on to my Membership to access Sacred Ground?

No! Sacred Ground is part of your 2017 Membership. Simply log in using your MyKNIGHTS Account login details on knightshub.com.au/sacredground to claim your patch.

I’ve joined as a 2017 Member, when can I claim my patch?

You can claim your patch at any time. If you have just purchased a Membership, it may take a few minutes for your details to be uploaded to the Sacred Ground website.

How many patches can I claim?

You can claim one patch per Membership or seat that you hold. For example, a family of four Members will be able to claim four patches.

How do I log in to claim my patch?

You will need to use your MyKNIGHTS Account login details. These are provided when you join as a Member. Your username is the email address linked to your Membership.

Help! I’ve forgotten my username and/or password.

Your username is the email address linked to your Membership. You can use the forgot password function here to reset your password or you can call the Membership Team on 1300 465 644.

Can I change my patch throughout the year?

No. Once you have claimed a patch it will be yours for the year and cannot be reset. Make sure you choose carefully.

What do I get? What can I do with my patch?

Sacred Ground is online only. You can customise your patch to tell your own story. You will then be provided with a deed to your patch of Sacred Ground which you can print if you wish. We also encourage you to share your patch of Sacred Ground on social media.

We will also have some fun with Sacred Ground throughout the year and reward Members when an exciting moment occurs on their patch during the 2017 season.

Why isn't 'this' moment included, it’s my favourite!

We have had so many great memories over the years that narrowing it down to just 30 was a challenge, albeit a very enjoyable one! We are starting with memories that happened on our home ground, now known as McDonald Jones Stadium, that spread over our first 30 years as a Club. This is just the beginning for Sacred Ground…

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